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Company Profile

SOIE (pronounced SWA) encompasses a complete range of premium to basic lingerie, activewear, swimwear, and sleepwear for women. We celebrate every woman's self-confidence, femininity and make them feel beautiful everyday with the transformative power of our collection. Established in 2011 by Ginza Industries Ltd., SOIE has expanded to over 1000 multi-brand outlets along with having a robust e-commerce & social media presence. As part of its expansion and diversification, SOIE has introduced "Aqua", a brand that specializes in swimwear.

At SOIE, we embrace the magic of the possibilities within everyday life. SOIE is about ‘me’. Thus, it spearheads a fashion consciousness that defines how beautiful it is to be ‘me’ for a whole new generation. Each product embodies a sense of self-love, epitomizing our core identity and accentuating feminine strength, confidence, and flair. Our mission is to deliver the perfect fit and style at honest prices, empowering every woman to exude confidence and sophistication. With SOIE, you can indulge in an experience that leaves you feeling fabulous, both inside and out, every single day.

With a team of over 4000+ people, Ginza Industries manufactures over 10,000+ products with operations spread across 13 factories. As the parent company, it oversees the manufacturing, tailoring, and production processes of SOIE autonomously, with its headquarters situated in Mumbai.

From sourcing premium raw materials to crafting the final product, we prioritize excellence and responsibility in our production practices. Social responsibility forms an integral part of our corporate ethos, with 2 percent of our sales dedicated to supporting tribal education initiatives.