We spend so much time recreating the perfect dream wardrobe yet are not very familiar with what type of bra to wear under what outfit. Whether you are dressing up for a date night, a wild Saturday party or boring Monday blues, we have got you covered. These are the must-have bras in which you can rock all the looks without putting too much effort-

1. T-Shirt bra

  • T-shirt bras are the best companions for your breasts for everyday wear, offering the highest comfort. These are available in padded and non-padded styles that offer support for all bust sizes and are a versatile addition to any lingerie wardrobe.
  • Try CB-129 from SOIE as it is perfect for all occasions. Whether going for morning college classes or a movie date with your girlfriends, slip a T-Shirt bra under your comfort wear. A nude-coloured T-shirt bra is a perfect match for underneath your white outfits.
2. Strapless bra
  • Do not hold yourself back when you decide on wearing an off-shoulder or strapless outfit because with a strapless bra, you do not have to worry about adjusting your bra every now and then while enjoying your time with your favorite peeps. ;)
  • At SOIE, we understand that carrying a strapless bra is a task and that’s why our strapless bras come with silicone lining on the neckline to offer perfect shape and comfort. Try our style FB-508A to find it out for yourself. 
3. Fashionable lacy bra
  • Playing peek-a-boo with your bra is the best way to tone up or accessorise your outfit in the minimalist way possible or it is your date night, and you want to look the hot mess you are, and it is a sexy affair. Sizzle up and spice things with SOIE's lacy bra because you never know. 
  • Try style FB-546 available in exotic wild red and Moroccan blue colours for spicing up the world and channelling your inner diva. 
4. Sports Bra
  • Workouts can be intense and working out in regular bras can cause discomfort and may lead to sagging of breasts. Sports bras are designed to provide great support during high/ low intensity workouts and the breathable material provides you with a cooling effect.
  • Try style CB-906 as it is engineered for high impact and is made of multi-speciality Cocona fabric which provides cooling effect in summer and warmth in winter. For medium intensity workout, try CB-907 as it is a medium impact sports bra crafted for high functionality derived from its spacer seamed cups for high support, breathability, and comfort. Never let the wrong bra type affect your workout.
5. Lounge Bra
  • Lounge bra is a perfect companion for your lazy day to wear underneath comfortable loungewear giving you a no-bra feel and comfort. Slip into a lounge bra and feel free without worrying about nipples showing through your T-shirt.
  • Try BB-05 and BB-03 from SOIE to feel the ultimate comfort and relax eating your favorite ice cream while binging your favorite TV Show.

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