Gift guide

What occasions are appropriate for buying lingerie?

"I think if you're not in a romantic relationship, then birthdays, anniversaries especially anniversaries and definitely Valentine's Day. You should not walk in the door on Valentine's Day without a piece of lingerie. That's grounds for dismissal. Christmas has also been a big holiday for us where we sell to men, but it's toned down because it's more of a family holiday, so it's usually something more practical and luxurious. Like that $500 gown or robe that she wanted that she'd never spend on herself is the Christmas gift. "

How does he figure out what size she wears?

"He really needs to do recon. That's really important. Send her to the spa. Or when she's out running errands or in the shower, go through her underwear drawer. My recommendation has always been to find three different bras. Check three different bras and three different panties because sizes are so different from brand to brand, and if you get three, we can kind of average it out and get an idea of what her true size is."

Why is lingerie so expensive?

"A well-constructed underwire bra is like constructing a bridge. The shape and contours of a woman are so specific that in order to get a well fitting bra, it needs to be constructed with the utmost quality. The best ones are from French brands and they still are made in France. These French houses still use the same sizing system they used a hundred years ago. As a side note, the lingerie industry hasn't really grown the way the ready-to-wear industry has, and there aren't that many factories that can make a well fitting bra. The other thing is that lace is very expensive to make and lace isn't something that has been successfully outsourced to third world countries the way T-shirts have. The mills that make nice lace are still in Europe, which makes everything pricier"

Your girl is athletic/slim

Since she's athletic, we'll assume she's got a nice butt going on, right. Mmm... Go for booty shorts (aka sexy boy shorts) as they'll accentuate her derriere and add curves to an already athletic figure. Booty shorts come in all fabrics, styles and types and they can be worn on their own or with other accessories. You can buy her just the shorts or pair it up with some other lingerie like a bra, a garter or a corset. Beware, though: unless your babe, got a really nice bottom, don't buy her booty shorts! They are expressly made for nicely shaped gluteal muscles, so don't make her feel insecure by buying her something unflattering.

Tips for other types

These days, being body confident deserves a round of applause. Most gorgeous girls out there are having body image issues as they are constantly bombarded with ads of photo shopped models and celebrities, causing them anxiety about the way they look. If your girl is one of the babes who is overly self-critical and fee, slightly less comfortable with her body, add in a sexy, silky robe with the underwear, too. That way, she can wrap it up around her body to complement her new underwear and feel great. Silk alone is very sensual and will help sexy ideas blossom. Good luck, man! Remember — it's all about following off her size and style, and showing her how gorgeous she really is.

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